What is this?

Trackbase is a new project for publishing various lists and countdowns of music tracks. It's not meant to contain every song in existence, just a small subset significant enough to appear on best-of lists and other interesting track collections.

Who made it, and why?

Trackbase was created by John Spurlock (me), in the spring of 2020 as a fun side project to work on during the coronavirus stay-at-home period. I like music, lists, and websites, so this was right in the sweet spot.

Do you have any older WOXY playlist data?

Nothing before 2004, unfortunately. If you happen to have any of this missing daily playlist data in any form, send it along and I'll integrate it into the existing playlist browser.

Can I contribute?

For now, get in touch via or Twitter if you see something that needs fixing. At some point, I'd like to provide a way to share your own lists based on the tracks already on the site. Stay tuned...